Tap. Chat. Meditate.

Trixie delves into your mind to suggest meditation sessions best suited for you.

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Why meditate with Trixie?

Meditation does to your mind, what work-out does to your body.

Make meditation fun through daily goals and conversations with Trixie.

Categorized handcrafted libraries to help you with your daily life problems.

Make meditation a habit for blissful sleep and stress-free life with a personal assistant.

See Trixie in action

Make meditation a routine with Trixie

Professional meditation at your fingertips!

rack your meditation progress with Trixie

Track your progress

Trixie will remind and motivate you to meditate and she will track your journey like a faithful companion.

Learn meditation with Trixie

Learn it all here

Absolute beginner? No problem. Learn meditation for free using our beginner lessons.

Relaxing meditation sounds from Trixie

Relaxing sounds

Experience immense happiness and refresh your soul with the sounds of nature and the chirping of the birds.

Trixie breathing exercise

Breathing exercise

A collection of breathing exercises for stress relief, better sleep and focus.

Trixie screen for AI powered personal assistant

Trixie knows what’s best for you!

A personal assistant to read your mind and suggest the best meditation that suits your mood, habits and time of the day.

Trixie meditation library

Trixie library of mindfulness

A collection of categorized guided meditations that you can use everyday, handcrafted by meditation experts.

Trixie mindfulness library
Trixie profile gamification to make meditation fun

Make meditation fun

Achieve goals. Unlock levels. Push yourself harder. Break stress

Plenty of FREE meditation sessions

Unlock the complete benefits of Trixie with premium content


Per Month

Per Month

One time payment

Start Today, embark on a new start, a new you! The journey to supreme mindfulness with the aid of Trixie.

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Talk to Trixie, when you wake up, at work or before going to sleep.

Learn how to meditate and explore the complete benefit of mindfulness practice with the help of our personal assistant.

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